Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dresses and Blazers.....

So I needed inspiration for this weeks post so I went to one of my favorite stores site,and saw an awewsome add of these two girls wearing bright colored deresses,My favorite pic was the one with the pink bright dress,the blue cheetah print polo top underneath it and a white faux fur cropped jacket.So lately I've been seing a lot of neon.This trend is blowing up.I mean I've bought into it myself.Purchasing a neon green top that says "I love Paris".I even saw this really cool neon  look on this guy in the last page of Vogue (this months issue)that I totally love!Oh and guees what......I went to goodwill and found a cute stylish ISSAC MIZRAHI bag!!!Plus a neon blue belt!Btw if you ever see a beautiful designer bag behind the counter GET IT!!!I saw a louis vuitton bag there and the lady said it was real and only $60.00.Guess what I didnt get it!:(((So mad at my self!But went to marshalls and saw a dooney and boorke bag for only $89,which is'nt a bad price considering the regular thing!Well I must go CIAO for now!!

P.S:Also saw some really cool neon blazers at goodwill to that Imust go back and get!!:)

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  1. I'm loving neon blazers, in bright yellow.
    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    come and say hi
    The Dolls Factory