Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Prada Phone 3.0 !

What! When! Is what you might think when you here the word Prada and Phone, But yes it's true,Prada is making it's second phone with LG that I have to say is quite chic. It runs on android and is quite thin,adding to the chicness. When you turn it on you get that sense of Prada. It's like having a tech thingy majig thats fashion all at the same time. It's different than having a Prada case b/c this is an actual technological thing. Anyway I hope I can get my hands on it. It seems like it could be a great buy,for us fashionistas.I mean the leather on the back,gives it a very luxury feel! But you'll have to decide yourself with a two-year contract. Plus It's also not available in all countries,not yet at least.Anyway hopw you like it,and CIAO for now!:)
P.S Heres a few pictures of the phone fashions been waiting for!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


So how are you guys doing?Well I'm doing fine and ready to jump into spring!S i found some styles for spring this year that i absolutely love.Like this style called art deco. I really love this trend because i was sketching something like this in my sketchbook.I found some of these looks at Gucci and even Chloe. I t's hard to explain but I love this trend and have been thinking about how to transform it into are everyday wear.While still looking
different and not the norm teenager wearing hollister. So heres a few pics of the trends and how i transformed them into ready-to-wear.On the left is runway on the right is reality!:)I think we can all agree the reality is not as good as the runway but if you pare reality up with some other pieces it can look great!Well,CIAO for now!!:)
 photos courtesy of and forever 21.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SEPHORA by OPI and Betsey Johnson!

So lately i've been looking at and i've been looking to discover something different,which is hard b/c i don't wear alot of makeup.But while looking I found this nail polish, lets see here...BETSEY JOHNSON!That i absolutely love.I mean the colors are so Betsey!My favorite color for the collection would have to be Aleey Cat which is like fuschia with sparkles!But theres other shades their if your'e not the sparkly kind.This I think is great for Betsey lovers who want to wear some of her on their nails!So heres a few pics of
the different colors.The first is my favorite!