Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spring Trends!

Hi guys! Long time no see, I know I've been gone but I'm going to try to make a come back!
So this all about spring, which is right around the corner! Hopefully with some warmer weather.....
But anyways spring should be a fun time for fashion this year (at least that's what portrays!). Remember ruffles? Well now there coming back for SPRING! But this time with lighter fabrics and cool prints. I can't wait, till spring it's gotten me excited to get out of this horrid winter. But anyways here's some pics of springs RUFFLES!
I just love this dress by Peter Pilotto! Not to mention this fabulous peplum, ruffle, color-block suit by Acne! Which is another spring trend the tuxedo!
Hope you guys enjoyed! :)