Friday, December 30, 2011


So I happend to be on  STYLE.COM and saw Giorgio Armani collection , and wanted to talk about it on my blog.So the collection was pretty good to me,but then again it all depends on your personal style.This show was edgy and suits for women.The palette was orange,pink,grey,red and black.I have to say if i had the money I would buy close to the whole collection.The colords are me.I mean I totally don't think of pink as my favorite color but I find myself wearing it alot.Anyway I'm gonna post the link for the collection at the bottom of this post, to see the collection.Also look of the days will be coming soon b/c I wanna apply for teen vogues fashion click.I wish myself the best of luck.WELL CIAO for now!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

So hows everybodys Christmas?!!I hope it was great for all of you fashionistas out there!I'll soon be posting pics with my brand new touchscreen camera in my favorite color purple!I also recieved a Michael Kors bag that was thrifted then gifted,and it's real.Plus a new Betseyville cosmetic case with some new cosmetics.To tell you the truth I'm really just a nail and makeup person!Btw I also got two new sweaters that i love,inclusong a couple clothing giftcards.Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and that they live to see many more to come!Well bye and CIAO FOR NOW!!:)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Chunky sweaters are on the rise I've been seeing them everywhere!Even my teachers wear them.So I have to say I'ts anothe fall must have.I love all the different colors they come in.I wan't one in red and blue and purple to.Well CIAO for this trend report!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good will HUNTING!

So while at goodwill I found this nice cut givenchy toiletry bag that could totally pass for a purse, if you didn't open it.I love the shape(circle),the color(navy),and the fact that it's givenchy.Also I've been thinking about doing people profiles were, I profile people my age that have cool personal style....hmmm already thinking of someone.Well CIAO for now!!

Vogue Best Dressed!A must have!

So,I just bought Vogue best dresed 2011.It's fantastic.It shows all the styles from the year.Plus it has celebs and some major article reads.Trust me you won't regret it if you get it.Even it has sister profiles from the best sisters of the year.Including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen,Dakota,and Elle and much more.Also don't forget the wonderfully dressed Emma Stone!!SO like I said a must buy!!Well CIAO for now!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dresses and Blazers.....

So I needed inspiration for this weeks post so I went to one of my favorite stores site,and saw an awewsome add of these two girls wearing bright colored deresses,My favorite pic was the one with the pink bright dress,the blue cheetah print polo top underneath it and a white faux fur cropped jacket.So lately I've been seing a lot of neon.This trend is blowing up.I mean I've bought into it myself.Purchasing a neon green top that says "I love Paris".I even saw this really cool neon  look on this guy in the last page of Vogue (this months issue)that I totally love!Oh and guees what......I went to goodwill and found a cute stylish ISSAC MIZRAHI bag!!!Plus a neon blue belt!Btw if you ever see a beautiful designer bag behind the counter GET IT!!!I saw a louis vuitton bag there and the lady said it was real and only $60.00.Guess what I didnt get it!:(((So mad at my self!But went to marshalls and saw a dooney and boorke bag for only $89,which is'nt a bad price considering the regular thing!Well I must go CIAO for now!!

P.S:Also saw some really cool neon blazers at goodwill to that Imust go back and get!!:)