The new fad BB creams? Do they offer anough coverage? Will one match your skintone? Can you really replace them as makeup? All questions I'm hoping to answer for you! First off, BB creams are made to be a mega product, a primer,light foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer, and some even anti-aging! But as for reality this doesn't always happen. You just have to find one for you! Whether it's less than ten dollars from the drugstore or over fifty from sephora. You can find one! First you really need to think about what your looking for and that will help you as well as what your price range is. Maybelline, Loreal, Covergirl, and Revlon all have BB creams. But the question is which one is good. For example Revlon's PhotoReady BB cream is it a drugstore version of Smashbox's CameraReady BB cream? It all depends on skin tone. Revlon has 3 shades where as Smashbox has 5. Being African American I can tell you it's hard to find one in your skin tone when some only have 1 shade. But if you do your research you will find the perfect one. What I recommend is putting on the cream then a light powder to finish it off. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed bye!:)
Smashbox - Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35
P.S: Let me know which one you like?