Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sorry,about the delay on post!!!Still havent gotten internet yet.So I'm back at the library..........again!!Was so trying to avoid this.Ihat the fact that people could be watching you!!Anyway back to fashion!lol.So lately I've been liking the idea of fall colorblocking.Which I'm going to be doing tommorow.So heres what I'm going to be wearing tommorow.A plain blue shirt(from aeropostale),a grey poncho,and ripped boyfriend jeans,with black suede boots.Oh btw If I accomplish my dream of becoming a fashion designer,I'm gonna make the perfect pair of cheetah suede booties!!!!:)Welll CIAO for now!!!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


So I just moved,and so far I have noooo internet I'll probally won't get it back for another week!I mean I'm at a library pc right now!But don't worry "no fear THE ULTIMATE STYLE FINDER IS HERE!!"Lol!As soon as I get up in running again I wanna start look of the days,and vids on youtube.I just can't wait I alredy have outfits ready in my mind!Oh and alot of the time you'll see stuff from my moms closet,and from my great grandmothers closet.Who still has a pretty good taste in fashion for being a whopping age of 94 years old.Yeah I know 94......that was not a typo!Well one more thing and I know this sounds silly but you know how much I love stylish hats,even though I don't have many!So ROCK those FEDORAS!!!

Well CIAO for now!

Monday, November 7, 2011


SO,I know it's supposed to be spring cleaning...But I always end up doing it in the winter.While I was doing my winter cleaning.......I FOUND A Christian Dior gift set.That included a purse,perfume,and nail polish!!!!
Also I found a Louis Vuitton bag.Still debating whether it's fake or not but it looks pretty legit!Btw I know I havent did a look of the day,but don't worry their coming soon!!Possibly by next week!OH and one more thing also found some vintage Yves Saint Laurent shoes,along side with a pair of Jimmy Choo flats that I adore,but that are not in my size!!:(Well anyway CIAO for now!)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trendy Update:Varsity Trend!

Varsity jackets,pullovers,and baseball caps gallore.I'm finally getting into this trend.I think it's chic but in this casual way.I was thinking about wearing a varsity jacket with a knit dress.The idea is pretty crazy,but totally works!!Trust me you'll love it!The more I see it the more attached I get to the trend!I mean it's perfect for fall because it's warm for those living in a cold area :)So anyway  CIAO for now!