Monday, July 25, 2011

Forever 21 my latest fave store!!! far I've been lookin at the Forever 21 website and saw some stellar cute clothes.It even had that perfect skirt I was looking for(yes,the one with pleats!)It had everything and at an affordable price!If you're on a budget for a rockin style,go to the closest Forever 21 store near you.Or shop online.Heres some pics of my style finds on ciao for now!!!

P.S I didn't show the picture of the skirt incase you were wondering!


  1. i've had my eye on that exact same skirt! it's so cute. i totally agree with what you said about f21, it's perfect for my budget. love that place!

    i'd love if you drop by my blog

  2. I just wanted to say, that i love your blog! It's easier to understand than a lot of other fashion blogs, and i think theres some pretty good tips!
    P.S, i love forever 21! They are SO afordable and chick!

    Kirby sixx :D