Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Day in NYC !!!

Hey!!!I just had to post about this last week I went to NYC,and took all these pics so I just had to show a few of them!It was amazing so many people,the shops,the lights,Its exactly what it looks like in movies and t.v.I went to the legendary FIT college and while was there went to a mueseum were they had a beautiful exhibit of clothes made by todays and yesterdays designers!!!!I also went to the largest ToysRus(its huge,it even has ferris wheel inside!).While was walking saw designer stores like ALDO,Michael Kors,and many more.Basically if you ever get a chance to go to NYC TAKE IT !!!!!Anyway heres the pics!


    was it as amazing as i think it was?

    p.s. i just started my blog and your is really cute & fun. any tips?

  2. Yes it was as amazing as you think,it feels good to be around people that have the same taste as me,AND ALSO A FASHION SENSE!The vibe just changes when you step on the grounds of FIT.Now about your blog you should be true to you are and you'll start to get followers!