Monday, February 13, 2012


So how did you guys like the grammys!I know I did though I have to say Nicki's performance I thought was a smidge to much Roman.One of my favorite dresses was Katy Perry's Ellie Saab dress,though Fergie was looking Fergilicous in that stunning red dress by Jean Paul Gaultier!As always though Adele was looking stunning in her performance of "Rolling in The Deep."This years GRAMMYS were stylin and a quite fashionable one.So I thought I'd post to pics of my favorite from the GRAMMYS.
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  1. I thought Carrie Underwood looked incredible! :)

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  3. I vote Taylor Swift for having such a very elegant dress! I like the way it was designed so I think you have to check her outfit too. Anyway, Adelle also looks gorgeous and stunning on her black dress!

    Laurice -->>